Farmington Canal Trail is great for a family bike ride. It's a generally flat, paved, and tree lined trail. The only caveat is that the New Haven side of the trail is known to be a high crime area. To avoid New Haven, you can park in Hamden CT (across the street from Hamden High School) in the CVS & Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot. You can use the facilities in the CVS and ride onto the trail just 100 feet from the parking lot.

2015 Farmington Canal Bike Trail 10ml Ride [HD] With commentary

Come Ride the Farmington Canal Trail with us in High Definition. Beginning in New Haven, CT and cycling 10 miles north. Enjoy the commentary detailing do's ...

Elliot S
This video gives you a good flavor for the beginning of the trail in New Haven and the first 10 miles. I'm not crazy about the narrator or music
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