Step 1

The first thing I did to write my comic was making a detailed plot. I would write the panel number and then a detailed description of what is going to be in that panel. This helps for organization. An example of one panel is: #27 - The whale is visibly upset, on the left, he is looking down and says, "I never get any vacation days." His boss is on the other side of panel laughing. In the background is an empty conference room table.

Step 2

Next, I made drawings of each of my characters at every angle they would ever be in over the course of the comic. I also made separate drawings of their body parts that might be in different positions throughout. For example, if the whale's eye was subject to change I drew the whale without an eye and multiple eyes separately on a different page.

Step 3

Then I drew every single background that would appear in the comic. For example, panel #27's background is a conference room. So I drew an empty square (or whatever shape that panel is supposed to be) and drew a conference table inside of it.

Step 4

The last step involving drawing is drawing every single object that would appear at some point in the comic. An example of this is if the whale would ever drink coffee at work in some panel, I drew a mug or a thermos.

Step 5

This step was definitely the most difficult for me, but it was also the best time-saver. I scanned every image I had drawn onto a computer and put it in photoshop. I then looked back at my plot sheet and put images together accordingly. For example, in panel #27 I inserted the whale onto the left side of the conference table background. Then, I inserted the version of his eye looking down and also a frown. Then I inserted the boss character on the right side. I then inserted an open smiling mouth on the boss. Then, I inserted text clouds for each of them, the whale's said: "I never get any vacation days." And the boss's said "HAHAHA."


I think that this way of making comics is better than drawing everything out because this way you only have to draw things once and it is a big time-saver. The only hard part is learning photoshop, which you get the hang of in about a day or two. Photoshop is a huge help because you can warp images as you please to fit into any panel. Overall, I would consider this an efficient and relatively easy way to write comics.
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