Farmers Market

Head to the farmers' market and look for fresh foods you like that you can use for multiple dishes and also for fresh-made food that you can eat for breakfast or lunch.

Shereen Rayle
Don't forget your own bag and some cash!

Food trucks

If you want to try some of the hottest foods, hit up your local food truck gathering. You can sample several different kinds of dishes, but also for less than a traditional sit-down restaurant because you don't have to pay for the overhead like waiters and dishwashers.

Shereen Rayle
Bring a blanket and enjoy at a nearby park.

Happy Hour

Happy hour is a great way to eat at some of your favorite restaurants for much less, or you can eat more dishes for the same price. You don't have to drink to get the lower prices, but you may need to sit in the bar for them. You can eat early or late and save a ton.


Find new restaurants or ones you frequent on Groupon and get deals up to 90% off. Usually they offer 2-for-1 dishes or 50% off like $40 for only $20. Sign up for free and get daily deals sent to your email or phone through the app.

Living Social

Find new restaurants or ones you frequent on Living Social and get deals up to 70% off. Usually they offer 2-for-1 dishes or 50% off like $40 for only $20.

Shereen Rayle
Look out for promo codes that make your deals even better!

Have a Picnic

Skip the restaurant and instead get a selection of fun stuff to eat from the store and make it more exciting by eating it outside on the lawn. This can be fun or romantic.

Shereen Rayle
Use up what you have and make it a potpourri kind of meal with small dishes of a lot of leftovers.

Have a Potluck

Invite some friends for a potluck dinner. While you'll need to provide something for more than just your group, you'll only have to deal with one dish instead of several, plus you get to enjoy the company of others.

Shereen Rayle
Rotate who brings the entree each time and that way everyone has to share in the bulk or skip the main part of the meal altogether and enjoy a party of side dishes.
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