Discord is a free text and voice chat software that allows you to add friends, join servers, and communicate across several communities on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Websites for finding bots

Below are websites for finding bots that best fit the needs of your server.

Websites for making a bot

Below are helpful resources for learning how to create a bot for Discord.

Easily Code a Discord Bot: Part 1 - Setting Up

In which we get a bot that runs and responds to a simple command. LINKS: Visual Studio: Discord Developer Portal:

Introduction to C# (Easily Code a Discord Bot - Part 2)

This is technically part of my Discord Bot tutorial, but it doesn't have anything specifically related to Discord or Bots. Instead, it's more of a very general overview of the C# language. This video is for beginners and people who have never programmed before. After you watch, you won't be able to create programs yourself, but hopefully it will give you a very basic foundation that will help you understand the rest of my videos better. (I apologize for the utterly obnoxious keyboard sounds... I need to get my mic off the desk so it doesn't get all those vibrations... getting a real mic stand very soon!)

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