What to do in Nassau?

With a culture dependent on its colonizers the English, that is why many of their customs still turn towards the aglosajon. Its official language is English, although there are many who dominate the French language. Most of the cruise ships that cross the Caribbean have a stopover in Nassau, and that is why it is one of the most visited ports in the area. There are days until there are 6 or 7 cruise ships at a time.

Being a small island we asked ourselves what to do when we arrived in Nassau. Here are some suggestions for what to do each time we arrive because I am sure that this destination is not all at once:

Visit Nassau in Bahamas

Visit Nassau in Bahamas

Nassau is the commercial and cultural center of the Bahamas. The city has a population of around two hundred forty and one thousand two hundred seven inhabitants, which transforms it into the largest population of the archipelago, since it concentrates more or less 70 percent of the population of the country.

Nassau view is breathtaking

Rent a boat and sail to the Blue Lagoon

A small piece of land with a spectacular beach where you can spend a whole day, since you have all the facilities and a spa to swim with dolphins. You can take a ride on a sailboat rental in Nassau and get to the Blue Lagoon or take a ferrie from the port, you will discover that it is actually paradise itself.

Don't miss the Pirate Museum

Considering that Nassau was for years the birthplace of pirates and corsairs, there could not be a museum with articles belonging to famous Pirates of the Caribbean. Only a few blocks from the Port, you can walk, you can find this museum, very interesting and interactive at a very affordable price. You are going to enter that world of fantasy and legends but as real as you can not imagine. It has a store and a restaurant.

Go shopping!

Undoubtedly Nassau is one of the best ports for cruise ships to make tax-free purchases. A number of stores of famous brands, liquor stores one in each block where you can try samples of local rums, fine jewelery, without underestimating the well-known Straw Market; A Street Market or Market where the local vendors are offering any amount of articles and souvenirs.

Eat and drink like a real islander

What to eat and drink while I am in Nassau? The Port and its surroundings has a great variety of restaurants and bars where you can taste typical and international foods. A freshly made conch fritters with a cold Kalik beer you can not miss trying when you visit Nassau.
The popular Mr. Frog is also in Nassau. There you can have a very good time of fun and madness. Fish Fry a short distance from the Port, you can walk if you want or take public transport, very safe by the way, is a complex of local restaurants on the shore of Junkanoo beach, and that incidentally is free entry. You can enjoy the authentic Bahamian food and as its name says the best fried fish you can eat.

The Ardrastra Zoo

A unique conservation center where you can see exotic species of native animals and plants of the Bahamas with two interactive shows at different times. An encounter with parakeets where you can feed them with your own hands. And for me the most exciting "The March of the Flamingos". Unique in the world where these long-legged pink birds native to Cuba obey orders and you can enter their habitat and interact with them.
The zoo is close but not enough to walk. You can hire a taxi or take public transport.

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