Unique Hydroponics

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could grow plants inside your house without any effort? As the name suggests, Unique Hydroponics can come to aid with the unique grow boxes that materialise your wish. Our expert team utilises the advanced hydroponics system to grow plants by providing the adequate minerals that it could have received from the soil.

Why Choose Us

 We have started our journey with a unique approach and continued to grow over the time

 Our services come with 100% guarantee

 We offer lifetime warranty on our products

 We offer the most competitive price

 We sell grow cabinet without any additional shipping charges

 Our company serves the clients with exceptional customer service

 Our packages come with six months of free CO2 food for your plants

Our Products

 Personalised cabinets for plants to grow

 Affordable Grow Tent for indoor garden

 Soil grow boxes without hydroponics system

 Grow box packages including all the essential kits

 Customised packages are also available

 LED lighting for the cabinets

 Accessories including CO2 enhancing tablets, carbon filter, pellet refill pack, plant cloning kit and Wifi control timer

Our grow cabinets are equipped with LED lighting that surpasses the need for sunlight. Be it any nutrient plants or a flora system; our company offers the best possible solutions. The systems are attached to pump, bubbler, net pots and tubing. Apart from LED facility, our grow box is equipped with carbon filtration that ensures optimum airflow within the boxes.

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