Elliot S
Yes - you can wear both together

How to Put on a Tuxedo

This is the ultimate, step by step guide on how to put on a tuxedo. Learn how to put on cufflinks, add studs to your shirt, wear a cummerbund, fold pocket squares, ...

Elliot S
A soup to nuts overview for how to put on a tuxedo

Four buttonholes, only three studs

I can't tell if the latest crop of style-conscious men are complete Neanderthals or if you guys are a bunch of idiots for printing such ridiculously inane questions. How about some real questions and some real answers! Here's one: What do I do with the fourth buttonhole in my tux shirt when most of my stud sets have only three studs?

Buy or Rent a Tuxedo?

Elliot S
The answer is - If you plan on wearing a Tuxedo more than twice you should buy a tux if you have the cash
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