1998 NBA Finals

In the 1998 NBA Finals the Chicago Bulls beat the Utah Jazz 4-2. It was Michael Jordan's 6th and last NBA championship, and his 6th Finals MVP award. It was coach Phil Jackson's 6th championship as a coach (he also won 2 as a player, and would go on to win 5 more championships as coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The final basket of the final game still stands as one of the most iconic in NBA history: after making a layup to cut the deficit to only 1, then stealing the ball from Karl Malone, Michael Jordan dribbled the ball at the top of the key against Bryon Russell. He started right, crossed over to his left, may or may not have given Bryon a little push, then pulled up and hit a 20 footer with 5 seconds left, to give the Bulls a 1 point lead which they would hold on to. It was the final shot of the Bulls great '90s dynasty, and the last finals basket scored by the greatest to ever play the game.
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