Why is Beijing's smog so bad?

CNN's Chad Myers explains why Beijing's smog problem has gotten so drastic, impacting the nearly 25 million people that reside in China's capital.

Beijing's air pollution is so bad a man made a 'smog brick' out of it

There are few major cities on the planet where the grim realities of the Paris climate talks are more visceral than Beijing. And for 100 days, a Chinese performance artist dragged a wheezing, industrial-strength vacuum cleaner through its notoriously polluted streets.

David Nachman
In an effort to illustrate the abysmal state of air quality in Beijing, on artist turned the smog into bricks.

Time-Lapse Video Shows Smog Enveloping Beijing

Time-lapse footage showing the spread of pollution over the city of Beijing went viral on Chinese social media during the new-year holiday.

David Nachman
The smog engulfs the city in a matter of minutes.
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