The Mitford Sisters

Six sisters who led very different - and sometimes controversial - lives in the eye of pre-and-post WWII England. The Mitford sisters (clockwise from top left): Unity; Jessica; Diana; Nancy; Deborah; Pamela

Amber L. Carter
Two were friends with Hitler, one eloped with her cousin, another attempted suicide while the eldest became an acclaimed novelist. So yeah. Family reunions? NOT boring.

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The sisters, six daughters of David Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale, and Sydney Bowles, became celebrated, and at times scandalous, figures that were caricatured, according to The Times journalist Ben Macintyre, as "Diana the Fascist, Jessica the Communist, Unity the Hitler-lover; Nancy the Novelist; Deborah the Duchess and Pamela the unobtrusive poultry connoisseur".

The Mitford Family

Amber L. Carter
Talk about the dynamics of a chilly British family, and you talk about the dynamics of the Mitford clan.

The Mitford Sisters

Nancy, Pam, Diana, Unity, Decca and Debo were born between 1905-1920. Debo, the youngest and sixth sister, was often too young to be included in most of the older sisters' activities, as this photograph suggests.

Amber L. Carter
(L to R) Jessica, Nancy, Diana, Unity, & Pamela in 1935

There is more to the Mitfords than Hitler and the high life | Hadley Freeman

As I write this, my desk is stacked high with remnants of "the Mitford industry", as Decca Mitford referred to it with scorn. I have been collecting them since I was a teenager, the way football fans collect programmes, and with news this week that Deborah (or Debo, as she was nicknamed by her nickname-loving family) Mitford, the youngest and last surviving member of the family had died, I've been rereading them all.

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