Evolution of Mario Kart's Rainbow Road

The Rainbow Road is the final course in every Mario Kart game. Aside from having great music, the course is also well-known for being quite difficult to master.

Cassie Muniz
A great video that let's you see all the different Rainbow Roads.

Rainbow Road - Nintendo - Wikia

Rainbow Road is a recurring course found in the Mario Kart series, where it closes the Special Cup and the Grand Prix seasons overall. All the versions of the track share common elements : they are all suspended in space or sky, and have a very colorful track layout, hence the name. An uplifting-themed music has remained with Rainbow Road throughout the series.

Rainbow Road (N64) - Mario Kart Racing Wiki - Wikia

At 2 kilometers - which engenders laps that are two minutes long each - it is the longest course in the game. It is a colorful cpurse through the final frontier, while the original Rainbow Road featured a starry purplish sky instead. It may have been switched to the deep space setting in order to help the console manage the track. Pilots swerve past neon-lighted pictures of the eight playable characters, as well as various items from the series. Chain Chomps plague this otherwise peaceful course, traveling inside the road itself and knocking up racers they happen to collide with. Near the middle of the track, the course harbors a large, three-dimensional, smiling star.

Cassie Muniz
I always found this one to be a bit long and boring compared to the others.

Rainbow Road (GCN) - Mario Kart Racing Wiki - Wikia

The course begins on a wavy but somehow straight road portion, that leads to two hairpin turns easily able to send the racers off the edge of the track. Follows a large 540-degree helix with many Boost Pads on it, spinning counter-clockwise and traveling upward. A pipe-like structure floats in the center of the spiral. Next comes a twisty road that leads to a turn left. Directly after the turn is completed, the racers are launched upward through a large pipe which drops them on a road with many more Boost Pads. This leads to another, but smaller 540-degree helix which takes the player back to the start/finish line.

Rainbow Road (DS) - Mario Kart Racing Wiki - Wikia

Aesthetically, This Rainbow Road appears differently from its predecessors. While previous Rainbow Roads have featured either tiled colors or horizontal stripes for its rainbow pattern, the pattern on this Rainbow Road is lined up vertically to the path. This has become a standard feature in later renditions.. Like other Rainbow Roads, it takes place in outer space with a similar background to that of the 64 version

Rainbow Road (3DS) - Mario Kart Racing Wiki - Wikia

Rainbow Road is the final course of the Special Cup in Mario Kart 7. It is the only Rainbow Road to be an open circuit, where all the others before and after are closed circuits. Aesthetically, Rainbow Road has changed dramatically, with the same formula but presenting new hazards, such as moving roads and moving space rocks, and new material to drive on other than a rainbow, such as a moon and what appears to be the rings of a planet very similar to Saturn. This track is divided into three sections instead of three laps.

Rainbow Road (Wii U) - Mario Kart Racing Wiki - Wikia

This incarnation returns to the classic three-lap format after Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 7 featured one long lap divided into three sections. This is a very unique Rainbow Road, taking place in a large space station and heavy use of the Anti-gravity feature, as well as entirely different theme and a vast amount of futuristic design. The road is made up by what appears to be long lines of solar panels, with the rainbow coming from starlight reflection.

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