Woolworth Building

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Completed in 1912, the Woolworth Building is an example of neo-Gothic architecture. It reaches a height of 792 ft.

Brooklyn Bridge

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Yet another example of neo-Gothic style. The Gothic Revival was a very popular form of decorative architecture.

The future of Gothic style?

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This huge gargoyle-covered skyscraper has been proposed by New York architect Mark Foster Gage. It would be a 102-storey residential tower!

Mark Foster Gage designs elaborate skyscraper for New York

New York architect Mark Foster Gage has proposed a 102-storey tower covered in Gothic sculptural elements for Manhattan, in response to the city's supertall skyscrapers that are "virtually free of architectural design" (+ movie). Gage designed the highly decorative residential building for West 57th Street as an alternative to the more conventional skyscrapers currently springing up in Midtown.

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