How To Become A Dog Breeder

A video lesson on How To Become A Dog Breeder that will improve your dogs skills. Learn how to get good at dogs from Videojug's hand-picked experts.

Tip: Shoot for a high priced dog for a profitable dog breeding business. Otherwise, any local economic slumps or layoffs may leave you desperate enough to sell your litter to a puppy mill to go to pet stores in order to get rid of the dogs before inbreeding can occur at age 6 months for females.

How to Register Your Dog: 6 Steps

Registering your dog is an important aspect of responsible pet ownership. There are many registries from which to choose, the most well-known being the American Kennel Club (AKC). Registering your dog with one of these esteemed organizations grants you access to educational and informational services, and allows your dog to participate in dog events and competitions.

Picking Your Breeder Dogs

Crossing or in-breeding two related dogs is controversial, but all breeds of dogs are handled differently.

Tip: Ask to inspect the AKA registration or family tree of the male and female dogs you plan to breed. Dogs should not have any shared relatives for over 4 generations back for 'champion-dog' possibilities for most desirable dogs at max prices. In-breeding is not a highly desirable practice for most. You really need to study your desired breed to find out what traits are desirable, breed costs, vet bill estimates, etc.

Make The Most Money From Dog Breeding -- Pick Your Breed Carefully

Boxers are a good breed to study. They are an expensive breed to produce. All new puppies will require expensive veterinary care within two-three days of birth. This is another consideration when you are planning your dog business.

Notice: Boxers standing ears, short tail and dew claw (kind of fifth claw high on legs) must be surgically altered by a veterinarian for a boxer to be registered or shown in dog shows. Otherwise, dog is worth $100 max; with modifications you may sell the dog for $500+. This website has a nice listing of most accepted 'registered' dog varieties. Study your local dog market to find out which dogs are going for largest amounts of money or rare breeds to plan which dog breed will make you the most m
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