Faroe Islands

With less than 50,000 residents, you'll never feel like you're fighting for space, plus the islands are perfect for those who love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, fishing, diving, etc.


Located near Sicily, Malta is a little seaside island that exudes charm and history. Explore ancient ruins and a myriad of different foods.

Quebec City

This Canadian city sits along the river and is home to a fall even taller than Niagara. With fantastic museums and historic sites, it feels very much like you're vacationing in Europe.

Shereen Rayle
Find lovely hotels for as low as $60/night.

Fukuoka, Japan.

This city sits in the north of Japan and is known for it's ancient temples and beautiful beaches. They have amazing festivals year-round and make for a picturesque vacation.

Shereen Rayle
Look for hotels for around $100/night.

Phnom Penh

Cambodia is notoriously budget-friendly, and this metropolis mashes the old with the new for a vacation that gives you the best of everything. Visit a royal palace, a bustling marketplace and vibrant hot spots at night all in the same city.

Shereen Rayle
Hotels are affordable, and a modern boutique property will set you back only around $60/night.

Tallinn, Estonia

This capital city sits along the Baltic Sea. The buildings are bright and colorful, plus there's an old town area surrounded by stone walls. You get both old and new in one destination.

Guadalajara Mexico

Avoid the more touristy destinations in Mexico and instead opt for this more authentic experience in an artistic, musical and historical city. With a hopping nightlife and cheap food, you can't beat Guadalajara's unique feel.

Shereen Rayle
Splurge on an upscale hotel and still only spend around $110/night.
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