Sleep Training When Siblings Share a Room

Teaching a child to sleep through the night can be a challenge all on its own, but when there's another child in the room, it adds a whole new layer of complexity

Brooke Louvier
This is is MUST watch if you want your young children to sleep well.

Toddler Shared Room Tour

Our toddler boy and preschooler girl share a small gender-neutral bedroom.

Brooke Louvier
Cute idea for brother and sister.

Sharing Bedrooms

Nikki talks to Mother of four and Host of HGTV's Child Style, Rebecca Woolf, who has practical tips for how parents can apply imagination and style for siblings sharing rooms.

Brooke Louvier
Fun tips on arranging and decorating a shared room.

5 Kids 1 Bedroom — It Can Be Done! | CloudMom

Watch to get my secrets tips for get 5 (yes 5!) kiddies to sleep in 1 bedroom while on vacation. Space gets a little bit tight from time to time ...

Brooke Louvier
This mom is a pro!
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