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BBM is the leading fantasy baseball game built around the daily decisions and daily drama of a 162-game season. With Baseball Manager, participants draft teams, manage multi-million-dollar payrolls, make trades, sign free agents and juggle daily line-ups. No at-bat occurs that hasn’t actually happened in a Major League game, and players can strategize around righty and lefty pitching matchups.

Ely Sussman
I stopped playing fantasy baseball for several years after growing bored with regular games, but these unique Baseball Manager features got me excited again!

Baseball Manager's 2017 Packages

BBM's most popular packages are:

  • Stolen Base ($1.99), which offers a single team for a 162-game season—cancelable within 30 days.
  • Home Run ($9.95/month), which offers the chance to play up to 7 different versions of a 162-game season, including two rounds of post-season playoffs, as well as the opportunity to engage in lefty-righty pitching matchups.
  • Grand Slam ($14.95/month), which offers Keeper teams in addition to the options available in the Home Run package.

A full list of game options can be found at

Baseball Manager 30-Day Trial

162 game season. Daily action. Check it out.

Ely Sussman
I'm participating in two Express BBM leagues in 2017: the Placentia (NL) and Lake Geneva (NL) leagues.

Diamond Club Forum

Diamond Club Forum

The Diamond Club is a universal "clubhouse" for all Baseball Manager players to discuss strategy, find answers to FAQ's and browse through league openings.

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