Due to their secretive and elite nature, special forces have become a much researched topic. Observers are fascinated by their technical skills, bravery and sheer tenacity. Selecting the most dangerous special forces on the planet is highly subjective and there is no particular order of precedence here. This is simply a selection of a few of the world's special forces who have become synonymous with danger. If these guys start knocking on your door (or more likely, knocking it down) then it's wise to come out with your hands up!


The Special Air Service (SAS) is the most recognizable of the UK's special forces, but it is not the only one. The Special Boat Service (SBS) and Special Reconnaisance Regiment (SRR) should also be mentioned here. The SAS was founded in 1941 and has gone on to become arguably the best special force unit in the world. Australia and New Zealand have their own SAS units based on the UK force.

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The SAS motto is 'Who Dares Wins.'

Navy SEALs - USA

Navy SEALs (taken from "sea, air, land") are famous US special forces that have operated around the world. The US has many special forces: Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment, various Task Forces. But the SEALs are the best known. SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU) contains the best of these elite warriors, and they often get recruited by the CIA's highly secretive Special Operations Group.

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Motto: 'The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.'

Alpha Group - Russia

When you think of Russian special forces you might automatically think of the word "spetsnaz". However, this is an umbrella term covering a large number of individual units. One of these special units is Alpha Group (Spetsgruppa "A"). Founded in 1974, like the other members of this collection, Alpha Group is a secretive organization. They were once ordered to eliminate the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin, during the 1991 August Coup!

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The main force is garrisoned in Moscow.

Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World (2016)

Top 10 Best Special Forces in the World (2016). Ranking the Best Special Forces from all over the world is a tough job. Does your country train one of the best special forces in the world?

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