Adult Budgeting 101: How to Create Your First Budget

Adult Budgeting 101: Your first budget is your first look at your adult lifestyle.

TIP: You need a realistic look at how much all your bills will run to understand if you can afford to move on your own. Housing with utilities included should take up no more than 1/3 of your income but 25% is a much better number. If you plan to keep a car, I would be looking for an even cheaper apartment.

Fully Funded Emergency Fund -

Why Do You Need a Full Emergency Fund? Some people believe that having a small emergency fund of $1000 or so is enough, maybe not.

TIP: Smart first time movers plan their move in cash. You need to be able to pay your apartment deposits, utility deposits, first/last month's rent, moving expenses and buy basic starter belongings in cash. Lots of people have rooms sitting empty for years after a move which they save up for furniture for less used rooms like dining or family rooms.

Car vs. bus calculator: How much can you save?

Here's a simple car vs. bus calculator to help you decide the best choice.

TIP: Parking a car in a large city can be a budget buster once you have to search for parking, move the car multiple times a day, pay the parking tickets, pay for damage from accidents and remember where you parked. Sometimes just renting a car when you need to make a long trip out of town can be a really economical way to deal with a public transit lifestyle of the city. You need to keep this in mind when selecting apartments, proximity to public transit and safety of neighborhood, both factor
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