How Coffee is Decaffeinated

Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee plants and is often the reason people reach for that early cup of joe but what about decaf? How do we remove caffeine from ...

Is Decaf Safe?

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Kenna McHugh
His information is good, but a bit slow in sharing it.

How To Make Natural Decaffeinated Coffee

Description 4cups of water, one medium egg rinse and dry. 4 Tablespoons of regular coffee. Bring water to a boil. Mix egg shell and all in regular coffee together ...

Kenna McHugh
The sound is not very good, but see seems to know what she is doing.

Decaf Coffee Is Healthy For You!

How much caffeine does decaf contain? It must have at least 97 percent of the caffeine removed. That leaves about 5 milligrams, compared to the 100 to 150 ...

How to extract Caffeine from Coffee

We will be extracting some caffeine from coffee today! I used regular coffee grounds, but I think the process is actually faster and easier with instant coffee.

Kenna McHugh
I found this video a little complicated but interesting.
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