This will revolutionize our sense of what is real

The lines between fact and fiction are increasingly difficult for even well-balanced people to keep straight - much less people who are not. 
Unfortunately, I think we ain't seen nothing yet....MR or Mixed Reality tech is around the corner 
Once augmented reality (AR) and MR tech starts to saturate the market that's when people's sense of reality could really start to get tenuous and confused - especially for people already with mental issues. 
It won't be just a news story or video that will be shaping their world view, it will be immersive multisensory experiences designed to trick the brain on all levels into believing it is real. 
Imagine a news network that uses MR/AR to create immersive experiences of news stories, whether real or fake, so that the viewer actually feels like he or she was there and perhaps was even a participant. The possibilities are huge to use tech like that to manipulate people into all kinds of downstream actions and behaviors. 

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