Dear guests! We would like to introduce to you a unique underground facility located in the centre of Moscow at the depth of 65 meters below the ground level.

Chislehurst Caves

The caves have been mined for chalk and also used for episodes of Doctor Who, but it is one of the deepest air raid shelters in the country, keeping over 15,000 people safe during the Blitz. Concerts were held here during the 60s and 70s and now they are open to visitors looking to soak up their history.

Shereen Rayle
Kent, London

The Place Where People Live Underground ...

Half of Coober Pedy's locals live underground in old opal mines. These mines were used as shelter after WWI, when mining really took off. Though not exactly a bomb shelter, the mines can be used as such, especially considering that they regulate their own temperature.

Shereen Rayle
Coober Pedy, Australia

dom im berg

Part of a tunnel system used as air raid shelters during WWII, Dom im Berg is now used for visitors, an arts venue and as an events space and nightclub.

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Schlossberg, Austria

Greenbrier Bunker

Built in 1956 for Congress during a nuclear war, this shelter had the capacity to house over 1,000 people an had its own power plant, meeting rooms, communications equipment and more.

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White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Mayakovskaya Metro Station

This busy subway station is one of the busiest in the world and hides WWII air raid shelters, making it an amazing multipurpose space. 15 million people took shelter here during the war and even Stalin called it home at one point.

Shereen Rayle
Moscow, Russia

Underground Home

This 1970s house tried to recreate in their bomb shelter basement what was found above ground. Aside from the kitschy pink home decor with hot tub and intercom, it features a fake lawn and trees, as well as an "outdoor" BBQ.

Shereen Rayle
Las Vegas, Nevada
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