Austin City Limits: Behind the Scenes When I first started working for KLRU as an intern many moons ago, I felt a great deal of pride to be associated with the station behind ...

Upcoming Tapings | Austin City Limits

Upcoming Tapings More ... KLRU cannot accommodate special out-of town ... another way to get the Austin City Limits experience is to attend the Austin City Limits ...

Laurie Lyons
There are no tickets sold for ACL tapings-locals have to enter a lottery for chances to win tickets to these extremely intimate performances.

Gin and Juice - Austin City Limits

The Gourds Perform their final show at the KLRU ACL Headquarters. This 16 minute mega-medley is based on a rendering of Mr. Snoop Doggy Dogg

Laurie Lyons
You can't go wrong with a folk version of Gin & Juice.
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