Mountain State Science: Clean Coal Technology

More than half of the nation's electricity comes from coal. But even as new technologies and sources of energy are being developed to move the nation away ...

Kenna McHugh
I suggest watching the rest of these videos for the truth.

Better Burning: China's Attempt at Clean Coal

China consumes nearly as much coal as the rest of the world combined, and is leading the world in greenhouse gas emissions. Now, even as China builds more ...

Kenna McHugh
I don't know. Two guys in suits constitutes clean coal.

Get clean coal clean! (NEW Air Freshener) In reality, there's no such thing as clean coal. Learn more. Join the campaign.

Kenna McHugh
I believe the Coen brothers producer the parody commercial on clean coal.

How Dirty is Clean Coal? | ZapRoot

Dont believe the hype. Get the dirt on why Clean Coal is a misnomer. Also, Terje Isungset takes ice to a whole new level with ice music. And, check out the new ...

Kenna McHugh
This is a great video on the truth about clean coal.
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