TEL AVIV GAY PRIDE 2016 - Official Aftermovie (HD)

Official Aftermovie of the TEL AVIV PRIDE PARADE 2016 that took place on June 03, 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel. With over 200,000 people dancing through the streets of Tel Aviv - this year's Pride Parade was the biggest in entire Asia. This is the 3rd TLV Pride Aftermovie and never before we had such a blast making it. See last year's: Tel Aviv Pride 2015 Aftermovie -

Tel Aviv Pride - Wikipedia

The eleventh Tel Aviv Pride Parade, which took place in 2008, was accompanied by the opening of the LGBT Centre in Tel Aviv. This is the first municipal gay centre in Israel, whose purpose is to provide services specifically for members of the city's LGBT community - such as health care, cultural events, meetings of different LGBT groups, a coffee shop, and many others.

WATCH: 200,000 crowd Tel Aviv streets for annual pride parade

Under arches of rainbow balloons and flags, more than 200,000 people thronged through the streets of Tel Aviv Friday for the annual Gay Pride Parade. Hundreds of police officers and volunteers were dispatched to help secure the march. Cars were banned from parking along the route of the parade, and traffic was redirected.

Benjamin Perla
Article covering the 2016 parade and issues that have sprung up at past gay pride parades in Israel.

Opinion | 'Pinkwashing' and Israel's Use of Gays as a Messaging Tool

Last year, the Israeli news site Ynet reported that the Tel Aviv tourism board had begun a campaign of around $90 million to brand the city as "an international gay vacation destination." The promotion, which received support from the Tourism Ministry and Israel's overseas consulates, includes depictions of young same-sex couples and financing for pro-Israeli movie screenings at lesbian and gay film festivals in the United States.

OPINION: The Case Against Pinkwashing, Or Why I'm Gay For Israel

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