History has a way of forgetting many important contributors to various notable inventions. There are numerous individuals that deserve a lot of credit for the the development of the electrical telegraph. This collection touches on only a few key contributors but there were many others.

The first official Morse code message was sent in 1844 and the last was in July 1999 (in the US).

Claude Chappe - Wikipedia

Claude Chappe (December 25, 1763 – January 23, 1805) was a French inventor who in 1792 demonstrated a practical semaphore system that eventually spanned all of France.

Scott Snell
1791: Claude Chappe invents the mechanical semaphore system. He coined the term semaphore and he coined the term telegraph. But, it wasn't an electronic system.

Image of Leonard D. Gale

Leonard Gale helped Morse with the technological breakthrough of sending telegraphic signals long distances over wire.

Scott Snell
Co-inventor of the Morse Telegraph system

Image of Alfred Vail

Samuel Morse created a code, for every word but it didn't scale. Alfred Vail came up with a simpler idea: a code for every letter. The Vail Code?

Hello World - in Morse Code

.... . .-.. .-.. --- / .-- --- .-. .-.. -..

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