WINK Sheet

What I Need to Know is a unit outline that organizes all the pertinent information for the unit.  This can include, but not limited to: worksheets, websites, videos, applets, screencasts, homework, homework answers and much more.  Click on the link and you will be able to make a copy of this invaluable Google Educator Tool.


Leverage the new Google sites by creating a local private network for your school.  Administrator/teacher can create "one-stop" shopping for teachers.  This intranet can house all the curriculum, calendar/events, important links and PD opportunities via videos and/screencasts.  

Teachers are extremely pressed for time.  No better way to appreciate them is to respect their time and allow information gathering at their own pace.

E-mail Merge

One of my most favorite tools in Google is Yet Another Mail Merge.  Many atimes, I will email teachers, students, parents and/or potential candidates using this add-on in Google.  

All you have to do is create a spreadsheet with the appropriate fields, write a draft using $%field% in your email and download the add-on. 

Here is a sample of an email I sent to 100 students with respect to their lexile score and book selection.  At the beginning of the year, I will be emailing my observees with the observation cycle they are currently in and the number of observation they will receive.

GREAT PRODUCTIVITY TOOL...when having to send multiple personalized emails to get their attention.

BONUS: Sent to all teachers about their student data (time on a certain intervention program)

Personalized Text Alerts

Another great way to leverage e-mail merges is to send personalized text messages to a parents cell phone.  Given the carrier and number you can send text messages to parents via g-mail.  Remember 160 character limit.                   

Personalized Mid Marking Notices

Mid marking notices are an extremely arduous task.  Imagine being able to automate comments but individualize them as well.  If you are comfortable with Excel (not an expert), this will change your life.

FREE HelpDesk Ticketing System

Many district pay software fees to track helpdesk issues.  Here is a google sheet that can be modified to meet your needs for FREE.  In addition, users can be notified when a form is submitted easily.  

FREE Course Selection Form

In middle and high school, students have the option of choosing their courses.  With this form there is no more need for paper.  All the selections can be uploaded in your respective SIS.

RECOMMENDATION: Include Course code and separate with a special character (:).  For example, Mat100: Algebra 1.

Once all the results are collected, they can be tallied and imported in your SIS.        

FREE Curve ANY Test

Many atimes, teachers would like to curve their assessments.  This tool will allow you to determine the type of curve (Hard, Medium & Easy) and amend the denominator (total points).  As result, you will have a curve that reflects your students true achievements.        

FREE Worksheet Builder

One of my most favorite resources is Problem-Attic.  This website is a easy to use free worksheet builder that has a large database of questions for all of the 4 core academic areas.  

NOTE: Common Core questions are released for a nominal membership fee.  Definitely worth a test drive.        

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