Half-Life 2

A revolutionary game in the world of shooters, Half-Life 2 has left an astounding legacy upon the world of video games. This game has earned the legacy which it stands on, earning many accolades, including Game of the Decade by many games award studios.

Richard Caldicott
One of my favorite games, Half-Life has earned a dear place in my heart, and the heart of many gamers.

Half-Life 2 - E3 2002 Trailer

This is the very first Half-Life 2 trailer that was to be shown at the canceled Valve presentation for E3 2002, and leaked around May 16, 2003.


Half-Life 2 is perhaps not as important in gaming history as what followed it. The Source Engine was and is still used today in many games, such as Portal, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, DOTA 2 and countless others. Steam, the platform which was used to ship Half-Life 2, has since become the standard platform by which games are distributed. The countless mods and the community this game created is paralleled in quantity and depth. Half-Life 2 truly left behind a legacy which is unrivaled.

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