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No wave was a short-lived avant-garde music and art scene that had its beginnings during the late 1970s in downtown New York City. In part a reaction against punk rock's recycling of traditionalist rock tropes, no wave musicians instead experimented with noise, dissonance and atonality in addition to a variety of non-rock genres.

DNA - Blonde Red Head

Clip taken from the film Downtown 81, a.k.a. the New York Beat Movie.

Cassie Muniz
DNA was one of the first no wave bands to come out of New York.

Lydia Lunch - Dead River

Lydia Lunch, Honeymoon In Red, 1987 (recorded in 1982)

Cassie Muniz
Lunch's career was spawned by the NYC no wave scene. She is also an actress and a self-empowerment speaker.

Sonic Youth - Inhuman

Taken from the album Confusion Is Sex (1983)

Cassie Muniz
Sonic Youth began their career as a part of the New York no wave scene.
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