Korean-born contemporary pianist Sunny Choi plays from the heart | Canadian Immigrant

“When you go to a [typical] piano concert, there’s a pianist and there’s a crowd, and you listen to them and when it’s done, you clap,” says Choi. “It’s a very intimidating environment and I never really enjoyed it.” Choi’s concerts feel like a therapy session in which the audience is encouraged to tap into their emotions and share their stories. “The reaction from the crowd is pretty magical.”

Sunny Choi: Interview with a contemporary piano artist |

I knew that I could interpret a lot of today’s popular music with my unique style of piano playing that would convey so much more than just another video that captures the melody of a song, because each song tells a story, so I created the term “Artistic Piano Interpretation” to refer to each of my popular music video that I uniquely create.

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