Child Marriage Is Cruel

Marriage should be an experience filled with love, joy, and laughter. A union full of mutual respect and support. But for thousands of girls in India, it is the very opposite and marriage has a hugely detrimental effect on their well-being and development.

Did you know that according to UNICEF a massive 47% of girls in India are married as children under the age of 18?

Child marriage limits a girls’ education and economic opportunities, makes her vulnerable to domestic and sexual violence and puts her health in jeopardy, particularly if she becomes pregnant.

Child marriage in India (and around the world) also has a huge economic impact and organisations. The United Nations and the World Bank have been investing in measuring the true cost of child marriage in terms of health care costs, lost earnings, lower growth potential and propagation of poverty.

Marriage is a huge commitment and a choice to be made by adults who are physically and mentally ready to take that step. But for many girls like, the choice to marry is often not their own.

Meet Roshanara, a young girl who said 'no' to child marriage

When you give to Room to Read, you change the stories of students like Roshanara. She lives in Delhi, India and her name means "light". While still in secondary school Roshanara’s family had arranged for her to be married, which meant dropping out of school and becoming a housewife. However, with support from Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Programme, Roshanara was encouraged to convince her family of the importance of educating a girl. Join Room to Read today help girls like Roshanara #ChangeTheirStory

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