Not even he knew how to spell his surname!

Although "Shakespeare" is now widely accepted, don't worry if you spell it "Shakespear" or "Shakspere"! The writer himself often changed the spelling of his name, and dozens of spelling variations (some sources say over 80) have appeared over the centuries!

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In his signatures, the author even went with "Shakp" and "Shakspe"!

There is a fringe theory that Shakespeare didn't write all those plays himself!

Unsurprisingly, most historical figures attract conspiracy theorists. In the case of Shakespeare, there are some people that are convinced his works were co-written or even stolen by the Bard! One name frequently mentioned in connection to this theory is that of Christopher Marlowe.

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Marlowe died in 1593, although some people have suggested he faked his death and continued to write under the name of Shakespeare!

Many portraits of Shakespeare have been based purely on imagination!

We all have a typical description for William Shakespeare in our heads, but it is possible that description is woefully incorrect! His portrait on the cover of the First Folio is accepted as genuine, but it is markedly different from famous portraits such as the "Chandos" portrait (the painting which depicts him with a large gold hoop earring).

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The First Folio (Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies) was published in 1623, after Shakespeare's death (1616).

European starlings are found in the USA thanks to Shakespeare!

In around 1890, the chairman of the American Acclimatization Society, Eugene Schieffelin, decided to bring starlings to the USA. It has been recorded that he felt all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare should be found in North America. From 100 birds brought over, there are now more than 200 million of them flying in the American skies!

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The starling is mentioned in Henry IV, Part 1: "“I’ll have a starling shall be taught to speak."

Top 5 Facts about Shakespeare

He was an actor who wrote poems, and plays - and ended up being considered the greatest writer in the English language!

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