Odin was the father of all the gods, and ruled from his great hall in Valhalla, unlike many other religions, the Norse viewed the gods as very real. The gods of Norse mythology were viewed as great mortals, who survived by eating enchanted apples, which allowed them to bide their time until Ragnarok.


Valhalla was a great hall ruled by Odin, half of all warriors who died would go to Valhalla, and the other half would go to Freya's field Folkvangr. These warriors would prepare to aid Odin in the event of Ragnarock.

Field of Folkvangr

The fields of Folkvangr are where the other half of warriors who died in combat are said to go. The implications and theories of the Field of Folkvangr are debate. Unfortunately much of what we know about this great hall of Freya has been lost.

Blood Eagle

One of the most brutal punishments in Norse culture, the Blood Eagle was done my slowly cutting the individual down the spine while still alive. Although debated among historians the authenticity of this ritual is considered to be an actual practice by a considerable amount of historians.


Ragnarok is a series of future events with cataclysmic consequences. The battles and disasters of Ragnarok are to result in the death of many of the gods, including Thor, Odin, Loki and Freya. This was viewed as the end-times by Norse Culture. After Ragnarok occurs, the Earth is said to be fertile and reborn anew, the gods will meet after the cataclysm, and humanity will be repopulated by two survivors.

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