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The following is a list of glam metal bands and artists and includes bands and artists that have been described as glam metal or its interchangeable terms, dollhouse, hair metal, hair bands, and pop metal by professional journalists at some stage in their career. Glam metal is a subgenre of heavy metal and is influenced by 1970s glam rock. Glam metal groups wear "... flashy clothing, heavy makeup, and large, teased hair ...".

Best Hair Metal Bands | List of Hair Bands - Ranker

What are the best hair metal bands of all time? The hair bands, or glam metal bands, on this list are some of the best of the best so you have work cut out for you trying to decide which one is truly the greatest big hair band ever. There are so many great bands on this list you might even have trouble deciding on a top 10 hair metal bands list, but that is your rock challenge. Are you up for it? These great 80s rock bands certainly are!

Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart

Music video by Motley Crue performing Kickstart My Heart. (P) 1989 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Masters 2000 Inc.

Cassie Muniz
In 1991, the band received the AMA for "Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Album" for their album Dr. Feelgood.

The 15 Best Hair Metal Bands of All Time | L.A. Weekly

Before grunge scrubbed the smeared makeup off of the face of hair metal and trimmed its flowing locks, an endless parade of longhaired dudes did their level best to destroy the ozone layer, fueled by a steady diet of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Oh, and, well, depending on the band, more sex and lots more drugs. Lots more. During the Reagan era, glam metal reigned supreme with these bands ferociously whipping their hair.

Top 10 New-School Hair Metal Bands - Noisecreep

Remember the ’80s, when every rock band seemed to have big hair and a hot shot guitarist? Then there was the ’90s that killed glam thanks to the rise of grunge. All good trends repeat, and the ’80s are back in a big way: from a lousy economy, to fluorescent clothes and guitar-driven rock. Taken together, this all screams for a top ten. So here it is: a look at Noisecreep’s favorite new hair metal bands.

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