10 Best Post-Hardcore Albums Of The 21st Century

Rock music, and which bands fit into which of its many sub-genres, has long been debated by music fans. Bands such as Hollywood Undead, I See Stars, Breathe Carolina, and Bring me the Horizon have often struggled to categorise themselves under one specific classification, and A Day to Remember for example, have distanced themselves from the post-hardcore genre despite numerous claims that their supposed mix of metalcore and pop punk produces a sound which is very much like post-hardcore.

Fugazi - Song #1

"Song #1" by Fugazi (1990)

Cassie Muniz
Fugazi was one of the first post-hardcore bands, and as such, helped pioneer the sound of the genre.

Top 25 Essential Post-Hardcore Albums | New Noise Magazine

Vans Warped Tour, South by So What?!, Soundwave, Bamboozle and many more festivals have been increasingly characterized by the ever-growing post-hardcore genre, making it the hub of one of the biggest underground music subcultures of today. The use of break-downs, djent riffs, unclean vocals, and melodic choruses have sunk their sounds into a scene and influenced countless groups across the globe.

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