Hitler's nephew fought against him!

William Patrick "Willy" Stuart-Houston was the son of Adolf Hitler's brother, Alois Hitler, Jr. William Hitler was born in Liverpool, England and actually served in the US navy during the Second World War. He wisely changed his surname to Stuart-Houston in 1947.

Ray Vader
William died in New York, in 1987. He was awarded a Purple Heart after being wounded in the war.

The Führer took dozens of drugs!

Hitler's health has been an interesting subject for historians for decades. The German leader had a number of ailments, and he was prescribed with 90 medications during the Second World War.

Ray Vader
One of the drugs Hitler was taking was methamphetamine. He was also known to use cocaine.

There were at least 42 assassination attempts against Hitler!

Unsurprisingly, there were many attempts to kill Hitler, even before the Second World War broke out. One of the most famous attempts was the 20 July plot when Claus von Stauffenberg left a bomb under a table at the Wolf's Lair.

Ray Vader
The picture shows the conference room after the explosion. Four people were killed but Hitler survived.

Hitler may have had a sexual relationship with his half-niece!

Geli Raubal was the daughter of Angela Hitler, who was Adolf's half-sister. She had a very close relationship with Hitler, and she became his housekeeper in 1925 (when she was just 17 and Hitler was around 36). There were many rumors that the uncle and niece were in a physical relationship.

Ray Vader
Sadly, Raubul killed herself in 1931 when she was just 23, dying from a gunshot wound. However, it has been argued that she may have been murdered.
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