Cassie Muniz
Starfy deserves to be more than just an assist trophy in Smash.

Dixie Kong - Nintendo - Wikia

Dixie Kong is a character that appears in the Donkey Kong series. She has a long blonde ponytail that can be used to fly around like a helicopter. Her first appearance was in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest where she worked with Diddy Kong to save Donkey Kong from King K. Rool.


Cassie Muniz
I'd like to play as Birdo and shoot eggs at people.

Birdo - Nintendo - Wikia

Birdo is a character in the Mario series. Her first appearance was in Doki Doki Panic, a Japanese game featuring her as the first boss. After its release in Japan, Nintendo of America remade it featuring Mario characters, but kept the enemies, and bosses the same. This remake was known as Super Mario Bros. 2 in America, but called Super Mario USA when it was released in Japan later on.


Cassie Muniz
We've had Sonic since Brawl, but it'd be nice to play as Tails too!


Cassie Muniz
I'm surprised that Bomberman still isn't a playable character.
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