Pritzker Architecture Prize

Leia Morgan
The Pritzker Architecture Prize is considered to be the Nobel Prize of architecture. Jørn Utzon (Denmark) won it in 2003 for his work on the Sydney Opera House.

Bennelong Point

Leia Morgan
The Sydney Opera House is in Bennelong Point, Sydney. Woollarawarre Bennelong (1764-1813) was an aboriginal interlocutor who lived in a hut at the point.

A$102 million to build

Leia Morgan
The Opera House wasn't cheap! It cost A$102 million, equivalent to ~A$927 million in 2016 (~US$690 million). Jørn Utzon was the architect.

Expressionist style

Leia Morgan
The architectural style is known Expressionist. The Lotus Temple in Delhi and the Walt Disney Consert Hall in Los Angeles are other examples.

Total seating: 5,738

Leia Morgan
The Concert Hall has 2,679 seats, while five other theaters and rooms make up the rest. The Sydney Opera House Grand Organ has over 10,000 pipes!

65 m (213 ft) high

Leia Morgan
The sails are high enough to provide an impressive foreground to the famous New Year firework display Sydney puts on each year.
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