Can - I Want More (1976)

A Performance of the group Can on Top Of The Pops in 1976.

Cassie Muniz
Can were one of the first krautrock bands and were influential to avant-garde, experimental and electronic music.

Kraftwerk - Kometenmelodie 2

from the Autobahn Album.

Cassie Muniz
Kraftwerk were pioneers of electronic music in the '70s and received a Grammy "Lifetime Achievement" award in 2014.

Tangerine Dream - Journey through a burning brain

"Journey through a burning brain" ist der zweite Titel auf dem Album "Electronic Meditation" aus dem Jahr 1970, das erste "elektronische" Album der Band.

Cassie Muniz
Tangerine Dream are an incredibly prolific band and have released over 100 studio albums during their career.
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