The obscure Teaching With Calvin And Hobbes is a collector's Holy Grail

Cartoonist Bill Watterson was notoriously averse to merchandising his wildly successful comic, . He wasn't interested in saturating the market with Calvin key chains or stuffed Hobbes dolls. He wouldn't even approve animated specials based on his comic strip. And so, apart from books containing reprints of the original strips, official Calvin And Hobbes merchandise is virtually nonexistent today.

Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie (Trailer) | Gritty Reboots

While growing up, Calvin's imagination always kept him sane. He didn't have many friends, so he created one. As he got older, he tried to leave childish things behind. But his imagination had a different plan. This is a fan-made trailer devoted to our favorite comic strip. We are deliberately not monetizing the video in honor of Bill Watterson.

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