Save Serious Money on Prescription Meds

At first I thought Blink Health was too good to be true, but after doing some research and listening to the YouTube video from CBS News (below), I realized it was not - it's legit and it's awesome.   I just used Blink Health for the first time and was able to pay $6 for a prescription at my local CVS that United Health (at CVS) was going to charge me $31.99. It was so easy it felt like a scam, but as mentioned, it's not.  Whether you have health insurance or not, you can save a lot of money with almost no effort, and without needing to fill out a lot of information.  You pick up the same medication  from the same drugstore.  The only difference is the amount of money that's in your pocket when you walk out of the pharmacy.

CBS News - Blink Health on Finding Low Prescription Prices

Blink Health explains how patients save money on prescription medications. Blink Health is the cure for high drug prices

Elliot S
Worth listening to this great interview where the founders of Blink explain how you can pick up the same medication at your local pharmacy for a lot less money

Blink Health: The Cure for High Drug Prices

Blink Health is the first company to allow patients to purchase their medications online and pick them up at their local pharmacy. Blink uses technology to get you ...

Elliot S
A two minute overview on how Blink works
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