Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Shereen Rayle
Really get into the luxurious atmosphere that is Dubai. Atlantis The Palm has two underwater suites that can make you feel as you really found The Lost City.

Jules Undersea Lodge

Shereen Rayle
Stay in a room that used to be a research lab. The lodge is located 20 feet underwater and can only be reached by diving.

Lovers Deep

Shereen Rayle
This one's for the richer travelers Lovers Deep is a submarine, which can take you wherever you want. Your room is spacious as well as super-romantic, which it should be for the $150K per night price tag.

Utter Inn, Sweden

Shereen Rayle
This is your budget version of an underwater experience. The comfortable, but bare bones Utter Inn consists of a small bedroom underwater and a deck above for sunbathing or sharing a meal al fresco.

World Sentosa Resort

Shereen Rayle
11 ocean suites allow guests to sleep with the fishes, while the rest of their suite is above water. This time your room is not under the ocean, but built on the side of one of the world's largest aquariums.
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