Monterey Bay Aquarium HD

A few of the features seen at California's Monterey Bay Aquarium, including sharks, rays, turtles, sea dragons, sea horses, and all kinds of fish.

Laurie Lyons
At the aquarium the jellyfish are the most mesmerizing part of the facility. If you can't make it there, this HD camera makes for a great alternative.

Wild Sea Otter Mom and Newborn Pup in the Great Tide Pool

Welcome to the world, tiny otter pup! A wild otter mom gave birth to her pup in our Great Tide Pool over the weekend. Visit our blog to learn more!

Laurie Lyons
The great thing about the aquarium is that parts of it are open to the ocean, and because of that, this sea otter mom was able to wander in and deliver her baby.
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