What is a Collection?

A Collection is a curated set of items (links, images, videos, products or text) on any subject that sparks your interest. You can answer a how-to question, provide travel tips, share an experience, offer an opinion, or just centralize useful bookmarks.  You can make your Collections public, private, or unlisted.

Why would I want to make a Collection?

You may be an expert on a particular topic, such as backpacking in Nepal or great coffee shops in New York City, and want to share that information with the world. Or, you may know a lot about a subject you just researched, such as the latest fashion apps, or colleges with undergraduate degrees in fine arts, or 18th Century European History, and know that others can benefit from your research. You may also want to create a Collection about something that you are passionate about, whether it is a hobby, a point of view.  Making a Collection may also be useful to centralize your research, say if you are looking for new bedroom furniture or doing a term paper on modern art. When you make a Collection that others utilize, they benefit and can then follow you and the world of social media and search have then become one.  

What are the elements of a Collection?

A Collection is comprised of the following minimum elements:

1. A Headline

2. A Description

3. Three or more items

4. Your GoTo Hat for the Collection

5. Your Profile picture.

What words should I use to make a good headline for my Collection?

It might not surprise you to know that we have a great Collection that explains how to make a good headline.  But in short, a headline should summarize the content in your Collection in a concise and compelling way.

What do you mean by a description for a Collection?

The description should give more flavor and context to your Collection.  What do you know?  We have a Collection on writing great descriptions too.  

What is the minimum number of items I need to make a Collection?

3 items is the minimum number for a Collection that can be displayed publicly within our search results. To create a Collection and save it without showing it publicly, (a work in progress for example, or a Collection you want to keep private or unlisted) you do not need to have any items in your Collection.

What is the recommended number of results for a Collection?

Collections will vary in length and content. We believe the ideal Collection has between 8 and 15 different items with a variety of different item types.  That is not a rule. You may find 5 or even 3 results is optimal.

What is a GoTo Hat?

A GoTo Hat is a short phrase (25 characters maximum) that reflects that aspect of your personality in connection with the Collection you are making and that reveals the context of the Collection you are making.  We all wear different hats during the day - student, mother, artist, fashionista, foodie, etc.  When you make a Collection about politics, your hat may be a “lifelong independent” but when you make a Collection about your university, your hat may be “college senior,” or “Engineering major.”  If you are making a Collection about cameras, you might be a “Professional Photographer,” an “Amateur Photographer” or “Just Bought My First Camera.” Each of those hats will be helpful to a searcher and help them find the Collection that matches their intent.

Can a Collection be made just of text or any single type of media?

You can make a Collection composed of any single media such as images or choose one image, one video and insert three text items. The choice is completely yours so long as you have a minimum number of results.  For example, this Collection is mostly text.  For most Collections, we recommend including multiple media types as that will be a more robust search experience for our users.

What is a personalized note?

Curators can personalize each item in their Collection. Add a note that elaborates on the item. If you want to direct a user’s attention to a specific time in a long video, add an opinion, or your personal experience with the item that is not already noted in a headline or a description of the item, a personalized note is the way to go.

GoTo Collections
You can highlight an item with a personalized note.

Do I have to include a personalized note?


When should I use a personalized note vs editing the Item description?

Personalized notes should be added to any items where you want your voice to be heard. For example, if you are making a Collection on traveling to Boston and you have a link about the best bus tour and you’ve personally taken it, go ahead and write a personalized note about your experiences on the tour. You should keep your personalized note to 1or 2 lines. You should use the description when you are writing facts that are not personal and describing the link, photo, video etc.

GoTo Collections
We really recommend using a personalized note. It will add a lot of uniqueness to your Collection.

Do I have to share my Collections?

No. You can keep your Collection private or unlisted.  In either case, it will not show up in our search results.  Only public Collections appear in our search results.

What if I begin creating a Collection but cannot finish it until later?

It will be saved in your account. You can come back anytime to finish it. One idea is to change your Collection visibility to private until you are ready to share the Collection. When it is finished, you may then make it publicly available.

Can I create multiple Collections?

Yes. There is no limit to the amount of Collections you can create.

Should I go back and amend my Collections as I come across new articles, or different videos or images?

Yes, please do so!  Keeping your Collection current will only improve the quality and relevancy of your Collection.

How should I be using images in my Collections?

Images are a great way to enhance a Collection but remember that they do not always provide the full information that you are looking to convey.  For example, when uploading your own image, add a description, and maybe an Optional Note so searchers can have a better picture (pun intended) of the image.

What is a great checklist for me to use when curating a Collection?

- Have you written a strong headline?

- Is your Collection description accurate? 

- Does your GoTo Hat express who you are?

- Have you included items from multiple sources?

- Have you personalized your Collection with Optional Notes?

I have a Collection that I no longer want to be shown in search. Can I “unpublish” it?

If you have a Collection that is currently showing up in search results but you do not wish to share that Collection any longer, you can make the Collection private or unlisted by changing your Visibility setting.  Alternatively, if you no longer wish to have the Collection at all in your account, you may delete the Collection.

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