We're Excited To Be Up and Running

It's been a busy first couple of weeks at GoTo.  Well, we have been at it actually for much more than a few weeks so more accurately, I should say it has been a busy first couple of weeks with the new GoTo being live.  We are all excited about the product launch and offering users a new innovation in search.  It's been great to hear from GoTo alumni, psyched to see their beloved url and search engine alive and well, giving us words of encouragement.

We Are a Search Engine With a Human Point of View

A few words about our vision. We seek to transform search through the human point of view.  We combine traditional algo results with Collections made by users to give searchers a comprehensive set of results that reflect multiple perspectives.  As we are just getting started, you may not see Collections on every search query, but our coverage is growing. For many searches, our results are as good as any other engine. Please use us for your search queries.  We are confident you will be pleased.

User Collections Power Our Results

Our curation platform enables all users to curate a set of results that will appear above the algorithmic results. We call these user-curated results Collections.  Collections can be composed of a curated set of items (links, images, videos, products, or text) on any subject that sparks your interest. You can answer a how-to question, provide travel tips, share an experience, offer an opinion, or just centralize useful bookmarks. You can make your collections public, private or unlisted.

Making a Collection on GoTo FAQ

Have a question about what is a collection or how to make a Collection on GoTo? Here is our FAQ in where else, a Collection.

Making a Collection on GoTo FAQ
GoTo Search
This is a link to another GoTo Collection. This is a really cool feature of our system, letting you include other relevant Collections within your Collection.

Our Facebook Page

We will be sharing these Collection updates and other cool Collections on our Facebook page, so please like our Facebook Page.

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