The Top Hat Variety

When growing blueberries in a pot, you'll need a dwarf blueberry plant called the Top Hat variety. This plant will stay small and produce a lot of fruit, perfect for growing in a small space.

Soil for Blueberries

Blueberries need good drainage and acidic soil to thrive. In order to get optimal drainage, opt for using peat moss as your soil. The soil's pH level should be between 4.0 and 5.0 (which can be tested with a pH soil tester). If you choose to fertilize the soil, it's best to use an acidic fertilizer, as well. Coffee grounds apparently make for a good acidic fertilizer, but specialty fertilizers can also be purchased.

Optional Growing Indoors

Another benefit of growing blueberries in a pot is that you can move the pot wherever you please, even indoors if you have the right equipment. To grow them inside, you'll need to make sure that your plant is self-pollinating (meaning you won't need bees to pollinate your plant), and you'll also need the right kind of light. If you can't place your plant by a window or get enough sunlight, you can purchase a Full Spectrum Fluorescent light bulb to use as your light source. Then just make sure you're watering the plant when needed and you're good to go!
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