Meditation & Color

Some find meditating on colors to be very healing. If you want to bring color into your meditative practice there are many ways to to do so.
I have been a fan of Calya's Journey Wise System, which is based on color therapy, for years.

Your Favorite Colors (and least favorite) May Give You Insight Into Your Chakras

You can also use color to work on your chakras. Hate yellow? You may have navel chakra issues. Love red? You probably have a healthy root chakra.

Color Your Way to Better Wellbeing

Even the simple act of coloring a mandala in the colors that you want to focus on can be a healing experience for adults and children alike.

Want to Learn More? Celebrate Color Therapy Month!

Color Therapy Month is celebrated every March and many preeminent color therapists share their knowledge of color healing practices. Check out what may be happening near you in March!
There are some very good lectures offered here each March that you can access online.
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