What Are Runes? Their History and Use

Runes are tools used for divination and opening up psychic awareness. They are a set of 24 tiles or stones that contain primitive carvings of characters or letters. Like the Tarot or I-Ching, you can use Runes to gain messages and spiritual insight. Although not as well known as some divinatory methods, using Runes can provide you another alternative for conversing with your Higher Self and the Universe. History

Nauthiz: Needing Fire

Nauthiz:  Needing Fire

The literal meaning of Nauthiz is "need fire". Nauthiz points to a constraining force or lack of energy in a situation.

Rune Power: Weaving the web; Naud, Nauthiz ( Elder Futhark ) Naud is the rune of enduring stressful change that comes with spiritual growth or invoked need to survive for greater purpose.

It may be helpful to meditate with a rune in order to better understand its meaning for you.
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