Oakland outfielder Reggie Jackson

Oakland outfielder Reggie Jackson

Legendary Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson began his career with the Oakland Athletics before the search of big money eventually landed him with the New York Yankees. Coliseum - home of the Athletics Coliseum - home of the Athletics Coliseum, a multi-purpose facility that also houses the Oakland Raiders of the NFL, has served as home of the Athletics since they moved from Kansas City in 1968.

Thomas J Carothers
The most decrepit of all remaining stadiums in Major League Baseball, the Coliseum is woefully behind standards for MLB. The team is desperately trying to find a new stadium to play in, whether in or out of Oakland.

Moneyball Trailer

The trailer for "Moneyball" a movie that depicted the Athletics attempts to compete despite being operated on a shoestring budget.

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