Rodea The Sky Soldier Review - Blandrew

RODEA THE SKY SOLDIER!!! WOOOO!!! New here? Subscribe! ▻ Twitter: Facebook: ...

The newest kid on the block but his humor and style is great.

Classic Game Room - PLAYSTATION TV review FUND CGR new reviews ad-free 2 months! Lots of perks like advance videos, secret videos and Podcaster Warrior!

Believe or not CGR was one of the first sites to make gaming reviews on the web in video form. Mark makes great content and has a loyal following

Bloodborne First Impressions Review *iDCL

Music By: Follow Me On Twitch- Follow Me On Twitter- ...

IDCL just has a voice made for media. When he talks, you just have to listen.

Super Princess Peach - The Lonely Goomba

She's had enough with being kidnapped every other day, and now she's gonna fight back! It's Super Princess Peach on the DS! She so fiiiiine. Anyway, watch ...

Perhaps the funniest on my list. Crude,english humor combined with animation of a goomba is comedy gold.

Defunct Games Golf Club: Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (NES)

Welcome to the Defunct Games Golf Club. Join us every Thursday as we play the first 9 holes of some of the most iconic golf games of all time. Best of all, you're ...

Defunct games remembers the gaming mags of the 80 to the early 2000. From Diehard game Fan to EGM
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