10 Pieces Of Music Created With Brainwaves | The Creators Project

EEG (electroencephalography), is a hardware technique long-used to diagnose and study epilepsy, sleep disorders, and brain death. Only recently, however, has it expanded into the prosumer realm; within the past decade companies including Emotiv, Neurosky, and iWinks (who we have an upcoming documentary on their EEG-based exploration of lucid dreaming) have honed in on the usability and accessibility of the technology, creating and distributing consumer-friendly prototypes like lightweight skeletal headbands and even cat ear EEGs.

5 Futuristic Instruments That Will Change How We Make Music

The electric guitar wasn't invented until 1931. But since then, it has become the most important instrument in modern music. Ever wonder which strange new instruments being designed today will come to define the future of music? The annual Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, sponsored by Georgia Tech, awards $10,000 in prizes to the creators of the world's most inventive instruments.

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